Pep Talk

Every first Wednesday of the month is my office’s Business Meeting.  My Broker is an incredibly upbeat person and his enthusiasm can’t help but rub off on you if you are near him.  He was sooo excited this morning, now I’m excited!  We watched a video of him jumping off the Stratosphere in Vegas where he was just at a Tony Robbins event.  Amazing.  Then even more amazing, he showed this video.

I love this kid.  I want to pinch his cheeks and smooch his little hands.  And then I want to dance with him.  Alot.

So then, it was announced that I was the #1 agent at my company last month.  For someone that specializes in Foreclosure properties, that’s pretty impressive.  So I get my pretty little picture in the paper on Sunday. Woo hoo!  Too bad the pic is like 5 years old…

What will be your Space Jam?



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