Mountains and Molehills

I have a new listing coming up.  I can’t tell you about it, but I’ll show you the view.  It’s CRAZY amazing.  My family is from Stowe and I’ve been going there my entire life.  But this view, THIS VIEW, is the most redonkulous view I’ve ever gotten of the mountain.  And I get to sell it.



This is the view from the driveway and I took the photo with my phone in one hand and trail mix in the other.  So you know its way better than this.  Really.

Previously in life, one of the ways I have dealt with stress was to bake.  That may or may not have had anything to do with my crazy sweet tooth and chocolate addiction, but that’s neither here nor there…  Now that we’ve gone Paleo-esque in our dining fashion, my baking has become more of a quest for deliciously healthy(ish) substitutes for cookies, cakes, brownies, and all other sweet and wonderful things.    Today I’ve got a hankering for a cookie.  I attempted a chocolate chip cookie with almond floor on Superbowl Sunday, but failed miserably.  So today I’m looking at an Apple Banana cookie that looks interesting on the same site that I found an incredible banana bread recipe that I’ve shared with all my new found Paleo enthusiasts, and so I’m hopeful for these cookies.  My son, however has no hope for them based on the failed cookies from Sunday.

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