Birthday Extravaganza!

We had a blast at Jay Peak!  The little Dudes had a great time on their own and Big Dude and I rode all rides, yes, including La Chute.  I did it twice.  It was kinda awesome.  And I didn’t die, so that’s a plus.

Little Dudes crashed on the way back in the car so it was a nice quiet break for Big Dude and I.

sleepy dudes


A moment about food.  We met our friends for breakfast before we took off with their child for the weekend at the Apollo Diner and I filled up with healthy protein and fruit, but seriously, no sooner that we got there and got changed into bathing suits did our tummies start grumbling again.  I kid you not.  Our choices at the snack bar were pizza, burgers, corn dogs, french fries and chicken sandwiches.  I opted for the chicken thinking it would be a grilled chicken breast at least.  It was not.  It was manufactured chicken with fake grill marks on a large bulky roll.  I tossed half the roll and ate about half of what was left. Within 10 minutes I needed to lie down.  It was not pretty.  Luckily the kids were cool going off by themselves and Big Dude and I had brought books, so we just chilled in the lounge chairs and read while our tummies revolted.

Dinner was a pleasant, yet expensive surprise.  They had some lovely offerings and I had a chicken with mushroom dish while Big Dude opted for a Cobb Salad.

Breakfast Buffet was amazing and inexpensive with our package coupon.  The Dudes ate our share and then some.  And then we spent the rest of the day at the water park doing all the rides.

Now today is Little Dudes real Birthday and I promised him a real (not Paleo) cake and brownies for school.  I brought in the brownies at recess, because it would have been “too embarrassing” for me to bring them while he was actually in class!  And I made him my old famous Death by Chocolate Cake (chocolate cake with pudding filling and fudge frosting) but I couldn’t imagine eating that, so I made myself some Avocado Brownies so I could have some dessert too.  So glad to be back home and eating right again!

Happy Birthday Little Dude!  I can’t believe you’re 9 now.


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