Fat sick and totally inspired

I’m on a roll with these food documentaries. Have you seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead yet?? I was completely moved by this film and by the people’s journeys in the film. I’m a huge fan of cleansing aka rebooting the system very now and again, actually for the last 3-4 years I’ve done several a year, usually the SP Cleanse, as that was how I identified my dairy problem about 8 years ago, but anyway, the men in this film take to juicing and it worked for them, dropping huge amounts of weight and getting bloodworm levels back to healthier ranges.
While I couldn’t possibly fathom going that long on a juicing stint, I need bacon too much, it’s something I would consider if I fell off the Paleo wagon and needed a kick in the ass. The thing is, I feel as good eating everything I’m eating on Paleo as I did at the end of a cleanse.
Food for thought.
That is all.

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