How the Internet saved my life and those lives of everyone around me today

Today was a day. You know how sometimes you get to tell someone off or deliver bad news to someone you don’t really like? Well today, I had to deliver really hard news to a couple different people, people that I really like, and I didn’t enjoy it. They all took it well and everything will be fine, I mean its Real Estate, not brain surgery, but still, setbacks suck. Especially when we don’t know the answer or sometimes even the right question.
So today, more than ever, I needed a cupcake(s). I Googled (I love that that is a verb) chocolate Paleo cupcakes and came across this recipe. I had everything in the house to make them and they sounded fabaloo, so off I went to the kitchen. I followed the directions to the T. I put the frosting in the fridge to cool while I made the cupcakes. But I couldn’t wait for the cupcakes to fully cool, yes my day was that rough, and I dipped the cupcake in the still warm frosting and took a giant bite. OMG. It was like chocolate molten lava cake in my mouth. I still can’t believe I didn’t eat the while pan.
But now you understand why there are no photos.

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