Blogging during daylight hours?? WTH?

I’m sick. Pukey sick. I didn’t blog last night because I went to my friend Beth’s house to hang out and got home very late for a school night. As I lay in bed reading, this awful feeling washed over me and then I spent the next few hours with my friend John T. Commode. He’s nice enough and all, but kinda dirty, smelly, cold and a little holier than thou for my taste. At least he doesn’t talk much.
Anyway, I’m actually taking a sick day today. Which if you know me, is really hard for me to do. Especially since I work from home and my office, all my files, computer and all my other gadgets and doohickeys are in the next room over from my sick bed on the couch here. I’m letting my phone go to voicemail. I’m not checking my emails every time my phone dings with a new one. I’m not even checking Facebook that often. I’m cashed out on the couch with my mutts watching movies and catching up on my favorite trashy tv shows. Snooki & Jwoww are up next. Don’t judge me. Send me flowers. Like these…


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