Ninja’s don’t really work on Friday’s

Some days Facebook posts take up way too much of my time.  A couple friends posted on my page today the first was this Paleo Carrot Cupcake Recipe, which I now must try!!  And then the second thing was this Archer T-Shirt.  If you don’t watch Archer, you should.  It’s on Thursdays on FX at 10.  And this t-shirt is from an episode that has Vermont in it.  And I LOL’d at the episode and at the t-shirt.  I might have to buy my brother one.  So yeah, I spent a lot of time on the internet not doing work today and decided to call it quits around 3 pm.  I had a date with a couple BFF’s to go bowling and eat some food.  Who knew the Bowling Alley would be so crowded on a Friday night??  So we ate first.  Guess what I had??  I’ll show you…


It’s a turkey club with no bread and sweet potato fries.  I never had sweet potato fries that I liked before.  They were sooooo good!

And then we bowled.  I’m super proud to admit that while none of us broke 100, I did win.

Nice Spare.



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