Sick Day

I’m home with a sick Little Dude today.  He didn’t sleep well last night and woke up with a bloody nose and a tummy ache.  Luckily my BFF Ali texted me to postpone our Breakfast date and I don’t have any other appts today to cancel.  I love working from home.  I don’t know what I’d do if I had to call in to work everytime I or LD felt sick or I had to go take care of personal / family business.  I’m so grateful that I have built this business that I can work it from my home and right now, in my pajamas.  BOOM.  So now I have time to plan my dinner for tomorrow night.  My younger bro and his family are coming to stay with me for a couple days, and some family friends are coming up with them, so Mom & Dad will be here along with the Athertons for dinner tomorrow night.  I have no idea what to make yet…  Off to Google some food porn!


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