Bacon Blondies

These are my new obsession.  


I started with this cookie recipe from The Food Lovers Kitchen (buy their cookbooks!!) and made some adjustments, and packed them in a brownie pan rather than cookies and voila!!  I’ve made them 3 times in the last 11 days.  I brought one into my Broker who has celiac disease and has made many a comment that Gluten Free desserts really suck.  He didn’t think this one sucked.  Even my Little Dude that doesn’t really like most of my Paleo-ish options said this was the bomb.

Speaking of bombs…  I don’t want to give the events that started at the Boston Marathon any more attention than needed.  I don’t care that they didn’t read the dude his Miranda.  I don’t want to hear the conspiracy theories.  I want to see the images of the heroes in action.  I want to hear the stories of the hope and faith that I have in the rest of mankind.  I want to see photos like this one


of an officer delivering milk to a family with small children that had run out during the lockdown of the city.  And huge PROPS to the city for taking such amazing steps towards ending the craziness.  

And I’ll end with these amazing tweets.  







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