Bacon Blondies

These are my new obsession.  


I started with this cookie recipe from The Food Lovers Kitchen (buy their cookbooks!!) and made some adjustments, and packed them in a brownie pan rather than cookies and voila!!  I’ve made them 3 times in the last 11 days.  I brought one into my Broker who has celiac disease and has made many a comment that Gluten Free desserts really suck.  He didn’t think this one sucked.  Even my Little Dude that doesn’t really like most of my Paleo-ish options said this was the bomb.

Speaking of bombs…  I don’t want to give the events that started at the Boston Marathon any more attention than needed.  I don’t care that they didn’t read the dude his Miranda.  I don’t want to hear the conspiracy theories.  I want to see the images of the heroes in action.  I want to hear the stories of the hope and faith that I have in the rest of mankind.  I want to see photos like this one


of an officer delivering milk to a family with small children that had run out during the lockdown of the city.  And huge PROPS to the city for taking such amazing steps towards ending the craziness.  

And I’ll end with these amazing tweets.  







Sick Day

I’m home with a sick Little Dude today.  He didn’t sleep well last night and woke up with a bloody nose and a tummy ache.  Luckily my BFF Ali texted me to postpone our Breakfast date and I don’t have any other appts today to cancel.  I love working from home.  I don’t know what I’d do if I had to call in to work everytime I or LD felt sick or I had to go take care of personal / family business.  I’m so grateful that I have built this business that I can work it from my home and right now, in my pajamas.  BOOM.  So now I have time to plan my dinner for tomorrow night.  My younger bro and his family are coming to stay with me for a couple days, and some family friends are coming up with them, so Mom & Dad will be here along with the Athertons for dinner tomorrow night.  I have no idea what to make yet…  Off to Google some food porn!

The Gray Space

I like black and white.  Right and wrong.  Good and bad.  I like absolutes.  They’re easier to understand and to explain.  I do not like gray space, gray matter, shades of gray, ad finitum.  I’m uncomfortable in the gray space, it’s not familiar – though it should be.  I’m here often enough.

I had breakfast with my BFF Ali yesterday and we talked about the ‘mean girls’, you know the voices in your head that tell you, “you suck” “you can’t do this” “you should have never gotten out of bed this morning”, etc…  and the next level ‘monkey brain’ that is just pure crazy.  Like, “your husband didn’t bring you a present from his trip so he doesn’t love you.”  “your boss didn’t say hello, so he’s going to fire you.”  “That guy looked at you funny so he’s going to murder you.”  Yeah.  That crazy.

And how does all this relates to the gray space?  Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t suck (at least not all the time) and I can do this (whatever this is), just maybe not today.  I can set a goal and reach it.  Just like last month where I started with 25 crunches and ended the month with 200.  And my husband does love me, he just didn’t find anything that really looked like me.  My boss didn’t say hello because he was on the phone and on his way out the door to a funeral.  That guy looked at me funny because I said something silly and he overheard me.

I’m trying to be comfortable in the gray space.  I’m exploring it, trying to make it my home.  It’s not easy.  It makes me want to eat cupcakes, go shopping and do other non-productive or damaging things.  I’ve been known to go overboard on the eating my feelings or retail therapy.  So I ate a Liz Lovely German Chocolate Cake gluten free cookie and cut myself a break.

Maybe I’ll just book a trip to Florida and run away for a little while.  At least it will be sunny while I’m in the gray space there…

No Food Porn Today

Sorry kids, we ate leftovers.  No photos today.  🙂

One of my BFF’s (also going Paleo) texted me today and asked me today if dried fruit was ok to eat. People ask me all the time if something is ok, or they call me out if they see me eating something that doesn’t look Paleo. First off, I’m not an expert.  I’m a girl who’s trying something different and telling EVERYONE about it.  Second, my answer is, I’m not going for 100% Perfect Paleo. I’m shooting for 80% Paleo and better food choices all around. I eat meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables like nobody’s business. But I also make things with maple syrup, honey, coconut flour, almond flour, tapioca starch, and other things I’m sure Cavemen didn’t have around. The point is that I’m not eating crap anymore… well most of the time. I have cheats occasionally. But then I feel like sh*t. When I eat right I feel better. It’s that simple. Sometimes we don’t know we feel like sh*t until we we change what we’re doing for a little while, and then go back to the way we used to do it and then find out exactly how bad we feel.

So now, I feel better and I look better. My body comp is changing. I don’t have to dance into my jeans, even fresh out of the dryer.
I eat more food. I eat healthier food. I have fun cooking now. We’re trying new things. I never even tasted Curry before the night we made it. I never ate Gumbo before I made it last night.  Both were AMAZEBALLS! I can’t wait to make them again.

My point is, eat what you want.  Eat what feels right.  If it makes you feel icky, don’t eat it again.

Like I told my BFF earlier today, eat the shit out the some dried fruit if you want to, I do.  But if you can get the unsweetened kind, then you can eat more of it!  And put it in Bacon Bark.  YUM.  And share with me.

Side note and confession:  I went back to Sweet Clover Market today and got every flavor of the Liz Lovely Gluten Free Cookies they had there.  Triple Chocolate Mint, Snicker Doodles, Ginger Molasses, and Peanut Butter.  I am still in love with the Triple Chocolate Mint, but let me tell you a little about the Ginger Molasses.   It has chunks of candied ginger on top.  That is all.

Chalk bags and Chipolte

I was at a meeting the other day where someone mentioned rock climbing and I was like H€LL yeah!! Lets do that!! So we did. Today. We went to Petra Cliffs all together and had a blast. So much so that we got a membership. I love it. I hope to gain some upper body strength and some power over my fear of heights. Little Dude was killing it and killing me wearing his batting gloves to climb with.


You know what else is awesome about this? PC is right around the corner from Chipolte!! S yah, lunch was easy.

Then we had to hit the drug store for some poster board for Little Dude to do a school project and I saw something that made me gag. For reals.

Yup. Can’t even talk/type about it.

Ninja’s don’t really work on Friday’s

Some days Facebook posts take up way too much of my time.  A couple friends posted on my page today the first was this Paleo Carrot Cupcake Recipe, which I now must try!!  And then the second thing was this Archer T-Shirt.  If you don’t watch Archer, you should.  It’s on Thursdays on FX at 10.  And this t-shirt is from an episode that has Vermont in it.  And I LOL’d at the episode and at the t-shirt.  I might have to buy my brother one.  So yeah, I spent a lot of time on the internet not doing work today and decided to call it quits around 3 pm.  I had a date with a couple BFF’s to go bowling and eat some food.  Who knew the Bowling Alley would be so crowded on a Friday night??  So we ate first.  Guess what I had??  I’ll show you…


It’s a turkey club with no bread and sweet potato fries.  I never had sweet potato fries that I liked before.  They were sooooo good!

And then we bowled.  I’m super proud to admit that while none of us broke 100, I did win.

Nice Spare.


Blogging during daylight hours?? WTH?

I’m sick. Pukey sick. I didn’t blog last night because I went to my friend Beth’s house to hang out and got home very late for a school night. As I lay in bed reading, this awful feeling washed over me and then I spent the next few hours with my friend John T. Commode. He’s nice enough and all, but kinda dirty, smelly, cold and a little holier than thou for my taste. At least he doesn’t talk much.
Anyway, I’m actually taking a sick day today. Which if you know me, is really hard for me to do. Especially since I work from home and my office, all my files, computer and all my other gadgets and doohickeys are in the next room over from my sick bed on the couch here. I’m letting my phone go to voicemail. I’m not checking my emails every time my phone dings with a new one. I’m not even checking Facebook that often. I’m cashed out on the couch with my mutts watching movies and catching up on my favorite trashy tv shows. Snooki & Jwoww are up next. Don’t judge me. Send me flowers. Like these…


I’m sorry, did you say squash?

When I was about 8 years old my mom made squash for dinner. I didn’t want to eat it, but there were starving children in Africa and I had to clean my plate if I wanted any dessert. So I choked it down. Literally. After I swallowed the last bite, I sang out, “clean plate club!!” Triumphant and ready for dessert, but my ever wise older brother said, “Not for long…” And then I vomited it all back up and onto my previously clean plate.
I really haven’t eaten squash or any other cooked orange vegetable since. So when I keep hearing about spaghetti squash on all the Paleo blogs, I figured, what’s the worst that could happen? I throw up on my plate!? Ha! Wouldn’t be the first time!! So I slathered my spaghetti squash with Ghee and put it in the oven to bake. Then I pulled out my favorite marinara, Bove’s of Vermont Basil


, and this amazing chicken sausage I found at Costco…

Chopped up some peppers, onions and garlic and set them to simmer while the squash did its thing.
I’m so happy to tell you I didn’t throw up! But I’m so sorry I forgot to take a photo because it smelled so good I couldn’t wait to dig into it and the my plate was a mess and I can’t post messy photos, only messy stories! Next time!

Sing for your supper or read books and make your own!

I love chick lit. Love it. Almost as much as bacon. I listen to a lot of books on tape in the car as I drive about 70% of the time for my work and I get really sick of the same songs on the radio and the news is way too depressing, so I listen to chick lit and the like. Recently I was listening to a Jane Green novel that had the most amazing sounding recipes in it. I was drooling in the car. When I heard this recipe I knew it was going to be modified to Paleo style and in my mouth that night. It was and it was amazeballs.

Cauliflower and Bacon soup with truffle oil
* 2 ounces chopped bacon
* 1 cup chopped onion
* 3/4 cup chopped celery
* 3 garlic cloves, chopped
* 1 head cauliflower
* 3 1/2 cups chicken broth
* 1/2 cup coconut milk
* White or black truffle oil (for drizzling)

Sauté bacon until brown. Add onion, garlic and celery and cook until vegetables are soft – a little over five minutes. Add cauliflower and broth. Bring to boil and simmer, covered, for around 20 minutes.

Puree soup with a hand-held blender, add coconut milk. When ready to serve, ladle into bowls and drizzle with truffle oil.


It would have been boss if I had a piece of bacon as garnish. FAIL!!

Original recipe here:

Fat sick and totally inspired

I’m on a roll with these food documentaries. Have you seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead yet?? I was completely moved by this film and by the people’s journeys in the film. I’m a huge fan of cleansing aka rebooting the system very now and again, actually for the last 3-4 years I’ve done several a year, usually the SP Cleanse, as that was how I identified my dairy problem about 8 years ago, but anyway, the men in this film take to juicing and it worked for them, dropping huge amounts of weight and getting bloodworm levels back to healthier ranges.
While I couldn’t possibly fathom going that long on a juicing stint, I need bacon too much, it’s something I would consider if I fell off the Paleo wagon and needed a kick in the ass. The thing is, I feel as good eating everything I’m eating on Paleo as I did at the end of a cleanse.
Food for thought.
That is all.