Bacon Burgers, Blisters and Blonde Highlights

Woke up this morning early.  Earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday.  Big Dude was still sleeping, he didn’t get home from Boston until 2:30 am.  The roads were really slushy.  While we didn’t get ANY snow here, Boston got about 12-22 inches depending on where you were.  Little Dude and I made some bacon and eggs and got ready to go to Petra Cliffs when Big Dude must have been forced awake by the super smell of bacon…

dont go bacon

From my neighbor…

So we all went together and had a blast.  I kicked both their a$$es.  Both Bouldering and on the ropes.  Both Big Dude and I have the blisters to show for all the hard work we did today!

IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1083


After we got home my BFF KK came over so I could dye her hair…  she won’t let me post photos and I fed her some leftover crab cakes and then bacon burgers and the last mexican chocolate pot.

We’re supposed to go bowling with our neighbors, but we are both too sore from climbing to pick up a bowling ball!!  I’m gonna try to convince them to stay in.  I’m looking at Paleo Creme Brûlée recipes to entice them…  maybe that paired with air hockey will do the trick…


Chalk bags and Chipolte

I was at a meeting the other day where someone mentioned rock climbing and I was like H€LL yeah!! Lets do that!! So we did. Today. We went to Petra Cliffs all together and had a blast. So much so that we got a membership. I love it. I hope to gain some upper body strength and some power over my fear of heights. Little Dude was killing it and killing me wearing his batting gloves to climb with.


You know what else is awesome about this? PC is right around the corner from Chipolte!! S yah, lunch was easy.

Then we had to hit the drug store for some poster board for Little Dude to do a school project and I saw something that made me gag. For reals.

Yup. Can’t even talk/type about it.