Blogger Fail

Apparently I’m a giant slacker on posting this week! Nor have I been super awesome at taking photos of my foods! I have no idea what I ate all week… But here’s what I do remember…

I made this cartoon…


I was at a meeting this week where someone had just gotten back from Bethlehem, PA where Peeps are made. You, know those nasty little marshmallow chicks and bunnies that are sold by the ton around Easter time?

Yah, those. Well, they saw this thing where they put 2 peeps in the microwave and fashion them with little swords. Then when the nuker gets going the Peeps grow and grow and eventually one of the Peeps stabs the other one and it deflates or something. Seriously, they paid money to see this. What the deuce??

But honestly, I almost want to go buy some of the disgusting little devils and try it out! but I can’t bring myself to do it. Yet… If I do, I promise to make a video and post it. But don’t hold your breathe. In the mean time, I’ll continue to make Peep Show jokes…

Bow Chica Wow Wow…

Thursday night I made bacon burgers (grind up raw bacon in your food processor or meat grinder and add it to the raw burger, sauté up some mushrooms, garlic and spinach and mush that in there too, then grill) and some guacamole. Add bacon and viola!


Had a hankering for something sweet and came across this recipe for Chocolate Coffee Caramel Bars and had all the ingredients so I gave it a shot. I jacked the caramel a little and added some maple syrup, cut out the water and halved the coconut milk to make it a little gooeyier.

I love Juli and her blog. Her stuff is amazeballs. If I meet her one day, I might have to kiss her. These bars were like heaven in my mouth. Huge thumbs up. I ate it watching Archer. Have you seen Archer? It’s the deuce. Netflix it. Or whatever. It’s on F/X Thursdays at 10.

This week there was a dog that looked like my Polly Pocket Puppy. And by the looks of it, acts and smells like her too. HA. Plus, Archer is hot. For a cartoon anyway.
One other thing I made this week, last night actually, was this Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie. I had a couple of bananas that needed using and was going to a friends house for a girls night and wanted to bring something for dessert. Well, really I had nothing to bring for appetizers without going to the grocery store, but whatevs. It took longer than I thought it would to make and make I messed it up somehow, because the custardy top didn’t set up right, so it was a sloppy mess, but I just topped it with my coconut whipped cream and it was fine! Better than fine. It was good!

That’s about all I remember. I’ll try to do better this week. ūüėČ


Bacon Burgers, Blisters and Blonde Highlights

Woke up this morning early. ¬†Earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday. ¬†Big Dude was still sleeping, he didn’t get home from Boston until 2:30 am. ¬†The roads were really slushy. ¬†While we didn’t get ANY snow here, Boston got about 12-22 inches depending on where you were. ¬†Little Dude and I made some bacon and eggs and got ready to go to Petra Cliffs when Big Dude must have been forced awake by the super smell of bacon…

dont go bacon

From my neighbor…

So we all went together and had a blast.  I kicked both their a$$es.  Both Bouldering and on the ropes.  Both Big Dude and I have the blisters to show for all the hard work we did today!

IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1083


After we got home my BFF KK came over so I could dye her hair… ¬†she won’t let me post photos and I fed her some leftover crab cakes and then bacon burgers and the last mexican chocolate pot.

We’re supposed to go bowling with our neighbors, but we are both too sore from climbing to pick up a bowling ball!! ¬†I’m gonna try to convince them to stay in. ¬†I’m looking at Paleo Creme Br√Ľl√©e recipes to entice them… ¬†maybe that paired with air hockey will do the trick…