My son loves that song.  Since I saw it on 365 Days of Bacon, he’s been singing it non-stop.  BOOM PIG

I love bacon.  So much.  So much that today, when I was speaking at the Women’s Small Business Program on the Graduate Panel, my friend and the organizer of the class told everyone that I’m bacon crazy.  So it inspired me to make tonights entire meal with bacon.

IMG_0096First the chicken wings:  I made a marinade/glaze out of almost paleo bbq sauce, honey, bacon fat and water.  It was crazy good.

Second the coleslaw:  I may have invented baconnaise tonight.  I started with the recipe for macadamia nut mayo and since I didn’t have any lemons, I subbed with a lime, I didn’t have any dijon mustard so I used yellow and a splash of my maple mustard salad dressing, I used apple cider vinegar instead of plain, and then I realized I was out of macadamia nut oil too…  I grabbed olive oil, walnut oil and some more bacon fat (I keep a container of it in the fridge).  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!  I almost wanted to eat it with a spoon!!


Side note…  Grocery shopping on Sundays is not the best for fresh produce.  I had to buy a bag of shredded coleslaw mix cause they were all out of real cabbage.  FAIL.  Then I made the coleslaw recipe from Anna Nimmity with extra bacon and chopped macintosh apples.  YUMMO.

Lastly, the sweet potato fries:  I plopped them on the pan I cooked the bacon in (if you’re not cooking your bacon in your oven, you’re working too hard!!) and slathered them with some more bacon fat and then sprinkled them with salt and pepper and paprika.  WHAT THE DUECE??  Made a little maple/honey/mustard dipping sauce and voila!

The meal made me feel better for missing bacon this morning.  I was so nervous for my talk at the class that I skipped breakfast, just my morning latte…  and then right before the class was sooo hungry had to run and grab something from City Market.  I was pleasantly surprised to find their egg salad was local cage-free eggs!  And I thought I’d try a muffin from West Meadow Farm Bakery as I’ve had their brownies before and they were amazing, so muffin, yeah.  It was a good ‘on the go’ & ‘best you can’ meal I could do.  But no bacon, so I was sad.  🙂  Just kidding.  Well, only a little.


Liz Lovely I’m in love with you.

Today is the Mardi Gras Parade in BTV and I have the day all to myself!!  Big Dude and Little Dude are at the parade with Grandpa and I get to do whatever I wants to do, which absolutely positively has nothing to do with watching a parade and especially not in 30 degree weather.  So I hung out, made myself a Latte with Almond Milk (or 4), made a little breakyfast,


had a leisurely morning, went to check out a new listing in Essex and decided to get my hair cut on a whim.  I’m not kidding, it’s been like a year since I had my hair cut.  I needed it.  So I Googled salons in Essex and came across Purple Sage Salon and Kristin had an opening in 15 minutes.  YES PLEASE!!  I think she did a great job!

Photo on 3-2-13 at 6.13 PM

And, lucky me, the salon is in the same plaza as Sweet Clover Market and I was in the mood for some pulled pork.  I kid you not, theirs is really unfreakingbelievable.  Plus they will serve it up with coleslaw and avacado on the side for less than a sandwich.  Yah buddy.  They only looked at me funny the first time I ordered it that way.  As I was waiting for my delish lunch to be pop up on the counter, I looked around at the racks near the deli and I saw these cookies, and I sighed.  And then I saw THESE COOKIES!!  And I swear, I did a little dance.  Vegan and gluten free??  Chocolate and mint??  Hello heaven… if only they taste just even a little bit good, I can die happy.  So before you call me out, yes, I know they’re still not Paleo.  But really, I’m sure the BBQ sauce in the pork and the slaw dressing aren’t Paleo either and frankly, if I’m cheating, this is a damn good cheat.  Better than the cheesesteaks and cheesecake I could have gotten.  Ohhh cheesecake…  So yeah, back to the cookies.  I almost didn’t eat my lunch and just at the cookies, but I was really excited about the pulled pork too.  When I finally got to the cookies, it was better than I could have imagined.  Really.  I said out loud, shut the front door.  And then I drove to my friend Beth’s work so I could give her the 2nd cookies so I wouldn’t eat both in one sitting.  Cause they’re really huge.  One serving is a 1/2 cookie.  And I already at a whole cookie.  But so worth it.  I now have a girl crush on Liz Lovely.  I want to go cook with her.  Except that she’s vegan.  I need meat.  But I could maybe skip it for one meal…

Oh, cool factor, when I Googled the website for Liz Lovely, one of the suggestions was “Liz Lovely Shark Tank”!  She was on Shark Tank!!  How cool is that??  Represent VT!!  Yea, I’m a dork.